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Roland electronic drums

Roland Electronic Drums Review – The Most Popular Electronic Drums For Good Reasons
Roland Electronic Drums
Roland Electronic Drums 1

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Most of the drums we see branded as Roland electronic drums come under the line “V-Drums” which are made under the Roland Corporation.

Formed in Japan in 1972, Roland are one of the oldest electronic music manufactures still operating today. As well as complete drum kits, triggers and components Roland also manufacture guitar products such as pedals and amplifiers.

Roland V-Drums range in sizes, shapes and prices with value kits such as the Roland HD1 lite, right up to the mega kits such as the TD20KX.

Roland electronic drums

– My Recommended Kits

Roland HD1 Lite – A Perfect Started Kit By Roland Electronic Drums
This is one of Rolands beginner/intermediate kits, which allows those without huge budgets to purchase a solid electronic drum kit. It features the basic four drums and three cymbals (including the Hi-hat).

Roland HD1 Lite


Roland Electronic Drums

TD4K – A Slight Upgrade By Roland Electronic Drums Worth The Additional Cost
A slight price upgrade, and your presented with what I believe to be a much better feel, this kit just feels nicer to play (than the HD1) for that reason I’d recommend it over the HD1 Lite.

It features the same amount of drums, but better quality heads in fact the cymbals are so well tuned you can even choke them, and comes packed with more sounds and voices.

Roland Electronic DrumsRoland TD20KX V-Pro – The Penultimate Kit By Roland Electronic Drums

If you were to glimpse at it you’d probably confuse it for a normal drum kit, however this guy is totally electronic it’s a master piece.

The final Roland electronic drums feature an additional floor tom and cymbal compared with the usual set up.

Add to that a much larger bass drum ready equipped with a double pedal and electronic system featuring 100 different drum kits and over 900 separate sounds you’ll find this kit is ready to rock.


Roland Electronic Drums


Comment from randy
Time June 28, 2011 at 8:00 am

i want to buy E drums set but want to know whats the best one that will last for yrs.?

Comment from Sam
Time June 28, 2011 at 9:06 am

To be honest, if you go with Roland you can’t go wrong. All there kits are solid and will last. I’ve had mates who’ve brought cheap alternatives and they’ve only lasted a matter of weeks.


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