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Drumstick grips

French, German, Match, and Traditional?

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Whether you’re new to drumming, or have been playing for years, one thing you should always strive to improve is your knowledge and technique of drumstick grips.

The most common drumstick grips are:

Drumstick grips

French grip

Drumstick grips - french gripBirds Eye View Of A French Grip

In the US and England, this is one of the most popular grip for drummers (except marching drummers who play matched grip) this grip is also the grip of choice by world speed drummers, so you know it does its job alright! Why it’s called French grip – I can only presume it originated from France?

Interestingly there is a fencing grip also called the French grip. Looking in the photo below, you can see that I am holding the stick between my thumb and index finger with my thumb nail facing upwards and the stick resting on my fingers.


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Drumstick grips

– Matched/German grip (overhand)                

A Birds Eye View Of The German / Matched GripAn Underside Photo Of Matched GripMany people are unaware the German and Matched grips are the same!

As you can see from the picture, the drumstick is resting between your index finger and thumb, with the rest of your fingers resting on the underside of the drumstick.


Drumstick grips – Traditional grip (also known as “trad”)

An underside photo of the traditional drumstick gripsThis grip is most common in jazz and old-school drummers, as you can see in the below photos getting in this grip, is best done in a two step process. For step one, position your hand like a gun, and slide your drumstick down between your thumb and fingers. Next simply close your top two fingers gently on the top of the stick. You should end up with a fairly loose grip.

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Drumstick Grips

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